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The Drug Enforcement Commission has arrested Abdul Nurra believed to be the main supplier of heroin in Lusaka’s notorious Chibolya compound. Nurra, a Tanzanian national also known as Mbiya Kayombo is a key player in Zambia of an organised trafficking network spanning east and southern Africa. In a statement availed to Mafken FM Radio, DEC […]

A Burkinabe court has sentenced former President Blaise Compaoré to life imprisonment for the murder of his predecessor, the revered Thomas Sankara. The long-awaited verdict on Wednesday brought to close a six-month trial about the murder of Sankara, who was assassinated during a coup led by his friend and comrade-in-arms Compaoré on October 15, 1987. […]

A funeral worker who took a selfie next to the open casket of Argentine football icon Diego Maradona as his body lay in state in Buenos Aires has been fired and begged for forgiveness. The images, which were shared widely online, sparked international outrage – including death threats. Claudio Fernandez told Radio Diez on Friday […]

The Department of Immigration in Lusaka has compelled seventeen Indians and one Zimbabwean to pay for Temporary Permits to legalize their immigration status in Zambia. The group was apprehended at Kafue Sugar on 5th November 2020 during a routine inspection of the business. This was after it was discovered that they were in abrogation of […]