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About Us

Mafken FM Radio is the only local and first-ever commercial radio station in Mufulira with broadcast coverage across the Copperbelt Province of Zambia. Mafken FM Radio broadcasts on 97.7 MHz in Mufulira and surrounding areas.

Programming Strategy 

Mafken is a contemporary radio station that has significantly incorporated women, young-adults and development programming in its broadcasts (with over programming targeted at women and Youths). This programming approach is focused on influencing the widest audience possible due to:

  1. the key roles that women and young – adults play in society;
  2. the attractive and critical nature of development issues to countries like Zambia.

Why women, young adults and development?

Because of this approach to programming, Mafken Radio has positioned itself strategically by harnessing an influential market segment of listener-ship so as to ensure adequate coverage for information dissemination and product advertisement. By nature, and with regard to the functions of society, women have the largest influence on the acquisition of goods and services at the family and household level. It has been said that “inform a woman, and you would have informed the whole nation”. Women are the critical link in information dissemination, as well as an influence of society.

Informing and Educating. 

The young – adult group falls into the category of being a fast-growing consumer grouping that is hungry for new products and services.

This is further compounded by the fact that the young in Zambia represents a highly significant section of the population; at over 50%. Consequently, the young-adult category provides a huge consumer market opportunity for suppliers of goods and services.

Being a developing country, Zambians are hungry for balanced programming that plays a vital role in progressive development issues. This type of innovative and useful programming encourages a very wide audience, which also makes it possible for effective product promotion.

Corporate Media Solution

Our products and services available for the corporate sector are packaged and marketed in an easily accessible way. Mafken Radio is made up of radio broadcast professionals from across all genres and this uniquely increases the value of the media services that we provide for the corporate sector. This subsequently allows us to sell what can sometimes be complicated media ideas to a larger customer base for both business-to-business and business to customer markets. In addition, we have developed pioneering online solutions, offering real returns on production investment for clients.

The radio and media industry is a consistently changing sector as new trends and technologies emerged, changing the way in which audiences consume media, affecting commercial and corporate models alike. This requires a consistent understanding with an innovative attitude to survive in this market. However, Mafken Radio is well placed to stay one step ahead of the audience and broadcast trends, as well as introduce innovative ideas to clients with confidence.