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Written by on 5 September 2023

A 38-year-old woman of Kitwe on the Copperbelt has been arrested for stealing over 180 thousand Kwacha from her employer.

In a statement made available to Mafken FM Radio, Copperbelt Police Commanding officer, Peacewell Mweemba says the incident occurred on Monday 4th September 2023.

Mr. Mweemba disclosed that Sandra Chisanga, a teller at Mukuru Money Transfer Company in Kitwe reported that someone had broken into the building and cash money amounting to K183,498 was stolen by unknown persons and entered and exited by opening the main door with a key.

He says that investigations were instituted into the matter after the Police suspected foul play in the report which led to the apprehension of Sandra Chisenga and later led to the recovery of some money amounting to K2,600 which was found at her house and K18, 370 through her mobile money account.

Meanwhile, a sum of K43, 700 was recovered earlier from her supervisor Albert Chisombo aged 27.

This was after the interview on the Regional Supervisor Albert Chisombo who stated that on Sunday 3rd September Sandra worked alone and not with her usual workmate until around 13.00hrs when she knocked off.

Mr. Mweemba, however, says in the evening, Sandra together with her supervisor Albert Chisombo went to the office, opened both the main door and safe with keys and got the cash money which was available in the safe equivalent to K90, 000 and shared it between them.

Later, they staged the scene by breaking the window glass with unknown object and opening the safe as well as the main door to indicate that the criminals broke into and stole the money.

Mr. Mweemba notes that on Monday September 4, Sandra made a report at the Police station with inflated figures of K183, 498 to also cover on the shortages accrued in their financial books.

He adds that it was through a search on Sandra’s phone that certain conversations were picked from and led to the arrest of the second suspect Albert Chisombo.

The two suspects are detained in police custody and recovered money amounting to K64,670 has been kept as exhibit.