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Written by on 29 August 2023

By Dockiso Zulu

SADC Head of Electoral Observation Mission to Zimbabwe Nevers Mumba has described the comments made by Socialist Party President Fred M’Membe regarding his mission as a war of lies.

In an interview with a Zimbabwean TV station, Dr M’Membe said Dr Mumba and his Committee were mischievous in their conduct while in Zimbabwe and were under the influence of imperialist’s forces.

Dr M’Membe further alleged that, Dr Mumba together with Republican President, Hakainde Hichilema and Zimbabwean Opposition leader, Nelson Chamisa are being sponsored by the Brenthurst Foundation, an Anglo – American sponsored foundation, which he says is set on installing its puppets in various African Countries as Presidents.

And responding to the allegations in a statement made available to Mafken FM radio, Dr Mumba says Dr M’membe believes that anyone who does not agree with him on an exclusively socialist agenda should be labelled as puppets and agents of western imperialism.

He notes that the Socialist Party leader is becoming desperate in selling a dangerous lie that the current President Hichilema was installed by agents of western Interests, but forgets to deal with glaring facts that millions of Zambians woke up very early in the morning to turn up and vote for him.

Dr. Mumba is of the view that Dr. M’membe is a stooge puppet of Communist ideas and ideologies, who knows that the only way he can create political space for himself and try to resurrect a dead political ideology like Socialism, is by painting everyone else as puppets of the west.

He further adds that the Socialist Party leader does not even believe in socialism, as he is a product of free enterprise, adding that, he failed to remit taxes in the interest of the state, thus, depriving the poor and those in need of social support.