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Written by on 17 July 2023

Ministry of Information and Media Director Spokesperson, Thabo Kawana says Zambia and China continue to share warm relations and there is no acrimony between the two countries.
Mr Kawana says this can be seen by the continuous engagement between the two Heads of States as they have continued to discuss and collaborate on matters not only pertaining to debt restructuring but also other bilateral issues.
He says it is misleading for Socialist Party President, Fred M’membe in his Facebook post to insinuate that President Hakainde Hichilema’s visit to China is after he has conceded to guidance.
Speaking during a press briefing, Mr. Kawana said the Zambian people are able to see that Government and the President are functional as many challenges the country is facing have been addressed citing debt restructuring, free education and load shedding.
Mr Kawana said the opposition leader should do his research before making such statements as President Hichilema can only make a state visit upon being invited.
In a Facebook post, Mr M’membe has alleged that President Hichilema and the UPND have diplomatically ignored the relations with China.
Mr M’membe said President Hichilema has now yielded to guidance on the need to respect and uphold the traditional friendship between Zambia and China, and will embark on a State visit to the Country next month.